An intense awesomeness of guys, that is most regonizable by girls, that only happen in the coolest if people
trammel h. austin is trammel.
by dfgjkldfghkljdsfh October 13, 2008
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Dude, did you see how trammelled he was at the game last night?
by Credit Master November 11, 2009
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to plus one everything, anyone has to say, no matter what you really have.
Kirby: Damn, that Apache is fucking bad ass up there flying around..

Luciano: I have one of those in my back yard.

Luciano has just trammelled Kirby
by purplereindeer June 13, 2010
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Very profound perfectionist. Very caring and sometimes outspoken but courteous of others. The greatest personality one could encounter.
He has a very Trammell persuasion about him !
by YallTriedmyMFname December 22, 2016
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Andrew trammell is an absolutely amazing friend and good person in general. He is a great listener, and is always there to help you through a difficult time and offer you advice. Although he sometimes doubts himself and his abilities, and doesn’t realize how special he is, he is very compassionate and caring, and will always be there for you when you need it. Has a great sense of humor, and is great at planning fun things to do. If you have a Andrew in your life, you’re lucky
Person 1: hey did you hear about that new guy in school, Andrew trammell?

Person2: Oh yea! I heard he has a huge penis! I want to be his friend!
by PutthatCoochieinacoffin December 3, 2021
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Doing something extremely fast, Rapid movement, throwing away money, running away scared, fast, quick,
They blew through $100 dollar bills like Trammell at a buffet!

He ran away like Trammell at a buffet!
by LMac Daddy Supreme June 12, 2017
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An African American business owner, nick named “The Ras” because he was Rastafarian, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who murdered in broad daylight in front of his business on July 23, 2020. He ran eXpressions Journal, which was a publication that discussed political and spiritual news. Trammell was a known Trump supporter, but he was also known to have supported Black Lives Matter and many democrats in the area. It is suspected by both his community and local political leaders that he was murdered over his political beliefs. Whether or not this is the case is unknown as the killer is still at large. Many Republican leaders believe the Democratic leaders in that region are downplaying his murder because Trammell supported Trump. It should be noted that three weeks prior to his death that an individual approached him and had minor confrontation with him for holding a Trump sign.
The murder of Bernell Trammell may become an unfortunate example of what happens when political intolerance goes unchecked. Let us hope that the killer is identified and appropriately punished for what they did.
by Vanguard 1998 February 26, 2021
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