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it's just means a mess... if a train wrecks it makes a huge mess...a disaster...
1.)i am what i am what i am what i am a train wreck

2.)i smoke. a train wreck i am. . .
by Naughty . Dotty . September 11, 2009
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ateh or atea-teh a tagalog word for the oldest sister. some people even say this to other people who aren't relatives, but are older and are females.
bakit galit ka ateh?
(why are you mad, sister?)

pupunta ka ate sa mall?
(are you going to the mall, sister?)
by Naughty . Dotty . October 16, 2009
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Sexy, sophisticated, lovely, sultry.
Mysterious yet sexy
a sneakily bad female

kinda of like a femme fatale
a femme fatale always has some kind of dark beauty going on.
by Naughty . Dotty . September 27, 2009
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person1:h3y wh4t's upp?

person 2: What?

person1:u can't re4d? i sed wat's up?

person2: typo!

r u commin 2 mah house tonight?

you need to spell right, typo.
by Naughty . Dotty . August 13, 2009
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