While vigorously having sex your hog pops all the way out and then catches the rim on way back in, causing it to bend in half sideways like the boxcars in a train wreck. A bad case of liquor dick will increase the chances of this occurring.
1. "Man, the other night she was riding me when I had a huge train wreck. My dick has been blue for two days."

2. "I was banging her from behind last night but I was so hammered I kept having train wrecks."
by toastage March 29, 2009
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Very potent marijuana that will get you very high and fucked up. It is called trainwreck because you are so messed up. Although real trainwreck is natural fake trainwreck is normally laced with other drugs.
One hit of this trainwreck will fuck you up.
by lajoiester October 21, 2005
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(noun, verb)Sexual intercourse between at least four people in which all orifices are filled with genitals of one another. For example, one woman could be "trainwrecked" by three guys: one with his penis in her vagina, another with his penis in her anus, and the third member with his penis in her mouth, all of which is happening at the same time. It can also happen with a bisexual man: penis in his mouth, penis in his anus, while he has his own penis in a woman's vagina/anus/or mouth, etc. There are several other combinations that create a trainwreck (4 men, 2 men and 2 women, etc.) the only limit is the sexual imagination. See also finger cuffs, dp
1.Jane:What did you do last night?
Sarah: I took three guys home! I sucked one guy off while the other two fucked me in the ass and my pussy
Jane: Shit, girl! Sounds like you got trainwrecked!

2.Matt: I can't believe you're looking at porn at the library computer again, Jeff?
Jeff: I'm sorry, but I'm really horny and my computer isn't working. Hey look at this chick! She's getting trainwrecked, see: she's got one in the mouth, one in the pooper, and one in her vagina. God, that makes me happy :)
Matt: Um... That's disgusting! What a slut!...Hey, did you just say "pooper"??!! OMG, Bitch!

by JacktheWASP August 31, 2005
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A hoe, or bro where their life is one giant trainwreck. They typically consist of people who are sexually promiscuous, party constantly, do not have a job and or irregular work. Jersey shores snooki is in fact a perfect example of a trainwreck if you take away her wealth. Trainwreck can be applied to many people- that hoe, or bro, at a party that is usually irresponsibly rowdy and drunk and enjoys causing fights. It can also be applied to that person who is drinking and or doing drugs all day or all night, not holding a steady job, always broke, and they don't care that their life is in shambles. Typically irresponsible, and anyone you would call a loser, skank, slut, hobo, bum, and party animal
1. She's at a party everynight getting plowed by random guys, dude you like a trainwreck. 2. All he ever does is drink and drug, I don't think that trainwreck has had a sober second in 3 years, and hasn't had a job in 7! 3. Man all that couple does is come over to drink and do drugs with us because they can't afford their own.. I'm sick of those trainwrecks doing that shit.
by Jupiter McFly March 29, 2013
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When a girl/guy gives you head but has braces...
DUDE... my penis is bleading i got a TRAINWRECK! from a girl and now its all scrathed up.
by jagster1214 April 12, 2009
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When a club DJ plays two tracks that just do not mix well.
Hence the term train wreck.
by HPAVC November 27, 2003
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