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i must say, E-40 aka Charlie Hustle or fonzarelli must be one of the least known rappers, yet he has contributed alot to the "hip hop" culture. he has introduced ALOT of slang words that many rappers use nowadays.

he was the first rapper i ever saw, "pop the collars". when someone lifts the collar on their shirt two times

has introduced words such as "scrilla", "cheddar", "cheese", "broccli", "lettuce" "san yay" "yay area" and a host of other terms that are used by many rappers. hes also been doing the "fo sheezy" rhyming stuff for years, which snoop dog picked up on and started using "fo shizzle" which is trendy nowadays.

he makes up a new word every album. part of the reason he isnt well know because he still is for the most part a california rapper, and his albums mostly circulate in northern california.
"i hope i dont go back to slanging yayo to get my mayo"
by mooseboy84 August 12, 2004
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An Vallejo Base Rapper, reps tha 707 and the 510 area codes...Best known for 1994's Captain Save a Hoe and Slurriccane hits. Also is a member of The Click, and is the best known Bay Area rapper. E-40 is one of the greatest game spitters of all time.
"I've Been in this rap game since dinosaur urine"
by Macfeasy September 04, 2003
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A Bay Area Rapper from Vallejo, California. He's a real good rapper and is one reason why the Yay Area contributes so much to hip-hop slang.
E-40 is the reason the bay is on top
by Jersey Kid January 20, 2008
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rapper that represents the yay area. 707 and 510, although most people dont know it cause he doesnt show it off, he currently lives in danville,ca-925.
e-40 is the hottest rapper from the bay, i cant believe he lives in danville!
by layla2 April 04, 2006
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