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1. What you say repeatedly when you're on a shitty cell phone/have a bad connection.

2. What's said in the Verizon Wireless commercials by 'that guy'.
1. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!? What the fuck is wrong with your phone, yo?!

2. -"Can you hear me now...?"
by 4 April 06, 2005
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In the middle of nowhere,USA.
In the country.
A place that's not so easy to get to.
She lives WAY out east in Long Island, it's like the middle of East Bubbafuck.

-He lives in Jersey.
-What part?
-I dunno, some part of West Bubbafuck somewhere out there.
by 4 June 19, 2004
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To figure something out. To come to a solution or conclusion based on other facts.
Man, I saw your girl out with two other guys on two separate occasions. You do the math.
by 4 April 07, 2005
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one who seeks and destroys crayons.
the little boy was a groberm, and none of the other kids would play with him. today, he's a dental hygenist.
by 4 October 04, 2004
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To fuck a girl REAL GOOD.
So hard she's begging and crying for you not to stop and because the orgasm is so damn good.
I laid the pipe WELL on this chick last night. She was shakin' when I got done with her!!
by 4 June 26, 2004
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