A situation that occurs when I group of guys get together to gang-bang a girl, but the girl leaves right as the event is starting. The guys then end up fucking each other instead.
Me and my boys were going to run train on this bitch, but she bolted and we ended up in a New Jersey train wreck.
by Lumberjack80 October 18, 2007
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To do well at something but equally bad if the use of the word suggests it
Dude were going to wreck train at the game today
by pv27 May 23, 2009
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More often than not, as far as train wrecks go, the ass end of a train wreck is arguably the most desirable position one might occupy whilst finding they are in the midst of a train wreck in process. The exception to this principle, of course, would be in the event that a train got ass wrecked. Even so, the ass-end of the offending party would most certainly fare significantly better than that of the violated party.
Boy: "Hey, Girl, did you have a rough night last night? You look like you just crawled out of the Ass End of a Train Wreck."
Girl: "Maybe so, but if you think I LOOK bad, I FEEL like that Train must have gotten Ass-Wrecked."
by Buzzyfuzzsaw March 13, 2014
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How Chuck Todd described the Presidential Debate on NBC news.
“It was purely a train wreck.”
by Mitzonu September 29, 2020
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James Charles: POO MEOWWWW OF THE TRAIN WRECK. Poo meow, poo meow, poo meoaoaoaoaw
by Lipshyunjin February 14, 2021
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