a Japanese manga about children in an orphanage that turns out to be a demon farm.
Person #1: What are you watching/reading?
Person #2: Oh tpn!
by Cassidy Gold May 26, 2021
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Total Particle Neutralization Speed. Driving a car at speeds so high, that normal physical boundaries cannot be sustained, and your car, and everything in it, cease to exist. For many young men, it is a noble goal to attain TPNS.
Me and my buddies weren't satisfied simply by speeding on the Pennsylvania roads. We were determined to keep driving until we reached TPNS!
by bulbamander222 July 9, 2018
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may also pertain to a form of feeding done on people who can't even be tube-fed because their gut doesn't work. Stands for "total parenteral nutrition" where they actually stick nutrients right into your veins.
"what happened to the guy who got stabbed at the ATM 18 times doctor?

"who knows, we just strapped him down to the bed and sedated him so he won't pull on his TPN...tell the family he's stable and recovering."
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When you have been burning the mid night oil (probaly playing online poker) and you have got to the afternoon, say arounf 3pm, having eaten too much at lunch and you start to heavy eye syndrome. Then your boss comes in and is like "off to a meeting see you tomorrow" And so you decide to go for a TPN!
by Bumsalad June 21, 2005
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tpn season 2 is the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen
by Realevl September 30, 2021
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Acronym for Japanese manga/anime "The Promised Neverland"
An anime about orphans getting eaten by demons
^ sounds like a stan twitter meme but it isn't
Emma over ur favs
A: I don't like Emma from TPN
B: I'll prick your eyes out
by MrAkiyama February 27, 2022
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