A family of redneck white folks with daughters bound to be pregnant and missing teeth by the time they can "legally" purchase alcohol.

Happy hour is whenever they get out of bed, and they will forever live in some little town nobody's heard of.

Parents never had a college education, and they say things like, "anyways"...
"That chick is so freckled and pot-bellied."

"Such a Townley!"
by Beautiful Biotch February 16, 2010
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a town in Alabama in Walker County where people are pleasant and demure, true Southern gentility.
We drove up to Townley for brunch and we're still considering buying some land out there.
by chaptj July 29, 2010
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The best bexley girls that are smart and pretty and are not hoes. They be getting the boys and their a*'s when you walk away with your fake morleys.
#1: She's so pretty
#2: I've heard she's smart too
#3: She must be a townley girl

#1: I think I love her
by Somemysteriousgal March 27, 2017
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One whose first name is joe and lives in a large town and is an absolute fucking legend. He is also better than all of his freinds. He’s a mad lad. A fucking mad lad.
I sure love this here joe Townley. Said Tyler. Yep he is better than me in every way. Said Magnus
by One boi June 26, 2020
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A diverse school full of blue/pink haired unwavering feminists. Don’t tell them there’s only 2 genders!! Actively promote equality and liberal thinking through brainwashing branded as 21c however pupils remain intolerant of views other than their own (on the left). Academically speaking a good school with solid results although some departments such as computer science have an abhorrent standard of teaching. The mixed toilets for sixth formers really are strange can’t lie. Never worked out what Dezza does for his £140k a year (according to companies house) but he loves spending it on Jags and getting on TV.
Hey man did you hear about Steph identifying as a toaster?

Yeah man but hey it did go to Townley grammar!
by BigDon45 January 23, 2021
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A group of weird people, who follow around an older, weirder man, who is called a townley. The original townley groupies then become obsessed, and try to attract others to follow around their leader. Many find it embarrassing to be associated with townley groupies.
John: Hey, Dave, Al has become one of the townley groupies!
Dave: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
by LZanotti November 15, 2006
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