Of a quiet, modest, unassuming, reserved nature. Somebody who is serious or sober (moderate, self-controlled) and even shy. For most of the 1800s, this was the ideal for a woman, as illustrated in Jane Austen's works and the works of many poets, writers, artists, and leaders. Not necessarily a doormat, but certainly a docile, gentle kind of persona.
The boy next door was enraptured by the ingenue, a shy, demure thing with big doe eyes and a sweet disposition.

He was a demure, unpretentious young man with his feet planted on the ground.
by Lorelili July 21, 2011
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a young woman that is well spoken with manners and can be outwardly shy/reserved. Innocent in thought and therefore attractive in a way that is unknown to her. She doesn't seek to attract, but attraction follows her due to her coy, playful, serious but shy behaviour. Many women are not like this, but many women of the old times were eg. Jane Austin period.
she appeared coy and demure.
by zaahira1 October 6, 2010
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A person, usually a woman, who's nicely modest, polite and well behaved.
The demure woman is reading a novel.
She's very demure, no wonder everyone likes her!
by LadylikeGal May 16, 2018
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When a girl acts classy as shit, but you find out she’s straight filthy.
“You ain’t getting nowhere with Sarah, man, you’re wasting your time.”

“Nah, that girl acts prude, but she’s impure demure; Kinky as hell.”
by Bthang* June 24, 2018
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We could tell she was Maurine Demure by the way she stuck the dollar bill in the strippers banana hammock with her teeth.
by Definitely not Dori February 6, 2022
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