A teacher or other authority figure who is listening in on your conversation that you REALLY don't want there, so to warn your posse, you say: "Uh guys, towe!"
Person One- Omfg, did you hear that Veronica got knocked up?!?
Person Two- Oh shnap! Towe! Towe! TOWE!

Person One- And then I smoked soo muu-
Person Two- Soo there are lots of towes around today :coughs:
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The/That Other Wiki. Used by users of Encyclopedia Dramatica to refer to Wikipedia.
ED: "TOW likes to think of themselves as the 21st century's answer to the Library of Alexandria, but, in reality, they fall somewhere closer to the collective scribblings on a truck stop bathroom wall."
by YAOMTC August 9, 2009
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best character ever on Southpark, a pot smoking towel,
towley got high and just wandered off one day
by lola January 10, 2005
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Reference to Friends the tv show since every episode starts with The One With (TOW)
I loved the friends episode last night, "TOW a dozen lasagnas"
by cadhhh April 5, 2010
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(Yorkshire origin) A Struggle: A word to describe how one may feel when waking up to discover you have the worlds largest hang over, furriest tongue and ugliest face. Usually the clock is saying 8:56 am and your due into work in 4 minutes....the drive takes 45.
Roger: "sorry mr green, im going to be a wee bit late for work this morning"
Mr green: "Oh and why is that Roger?"
Roger: "Because i look like i've been hit by the ugly truck - twice"
Mr green: "Oh dear, i suppose your struggling to get here for nine then roger?"
Roger: "Struggling? that's not the word mr green.....im towing like a beatch"
by hannah f December 23, 2007
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When you are so beyond smashed and wrecked that another term has to step in to describe your ultimate level of inebriation.
Dude, why did you piss all over my bathroom walls? Are you that wrecked?

I'm towed. You slice of shit.
by A-roo February 5, 2007
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