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a fat gammon that loves his little piggy dog and loves kids
"mr green is a fat gammon piggy lover"
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by pete p[d0- November 14, 2019
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a spanish word meaning the flipflop
used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
by allygator February 07, 2015
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A cute green smiley that is a basic staple to all phpbb forum emoticons. It is green, rather than yellow, and displays a huge teethy grin, expressing a large ammount of happiness.
Reply: Jobs!

Hey guys, I just got a raise! :mrgreen: haha I like Mr. Green! lol!
by Jennnnnnnnnnn August 29, 2006
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3 a weird ass bus driver looks a man and looks like a guy on vagra and a perv and likes to masturbate on our bus ask like a airplane Captain and all in all out shit head. makes us get out one by one
by Ayyy123356 August 22, 2019
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The mf goat
Yo, you have Mr. Green for APUSH? He’s the mf goat
by mr-green-is-the-mf-goat November 29, 2019
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Oh our dearest Mr. Green, where do we begin? There are so many great things about you, that we can’t even name them all. We appreciate all the tough love, and life lessons you gave us. You’re super funny and one of the best teachers we have ever had. We’re going to miss you next school year. You are our all time favorite teacher, and nobody can ever replace you. Thank you Mr. Green. You made our eighth grade year the best school year of our lives.
Mr.Green is awsome

We love Mr.Green
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by Danriverrules01 May 08, 2019
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I ain't doing shit for you unless I get a visit from Mr. Green.

Or. Be sure to bring Mr. Green with you when we meet.
by vindex Parsley April 09, 2011
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