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The/That Other Wiki. Used by users of Encyclopedia Dramatica to refer to Wikipedia.
ED: "TOW likes to think of themselves as the 21st century's answer to the Library of Alexandria, but, in reality, they fall somewhere closer to the collective scribblings on a truck stop bathroom wall."
by YAOMTC August 09, 2009

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by YAOMTC August 24, 2009

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Man magnet. Like chick magnet, but for the ladies.
A mangnet walked through a mall and was proposed to three times.
by YAOMTC July 24, 2009

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The American version of Italian food. Tasty, but not quite genuine.

American + Italian = Ameritalian

Also known as the mouthful "Italian-American cuisine".
Olive Garden is an example of an Ameritalian restaurant.

Many Ameritalian restaurants have "Mario" in their name, yet weren't started by a guy named Mario.
by YAOMTC January 22, 2010

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Scout's Honor. Signifies the pinky held down with the other three fingers raised. Used in a situation where more than just one's own word is needed. Most often not used by a Boy Scout.
dude i didnt sleep with your sister, scout's honor .lll
by YAOMTC May 25, 2009

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