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This word if chiefly used by Canadians, and is a knitted winter hat, or beanie.

Touks commonly have the classic pom-pom on top.
A: Man, my head is going numb in this crazy blizzard.
B: Dude, what did I tell you? Wear your touk!
by The Legendary Ironwood March 13, 2005
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A thief who luckily is really only interested in your trash and smelly socks.
Guy: Hey Touks, stop licking my plate.

Guy 2: He's not. He's licking near your plate.
by Mojoozy January 17, 2011
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large furry hat with ear flaps commonly worn by canadians, hunters, outdoorsmen, snowboarders, and anyone living in cold weather.
That guy looks nice and warm in his touk, maybe I should get one.
by dk2913 January 03, 2009
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To 'UK' or 'Britain' in a contest: same as an ‘own goal’.
You really Uk’d that one
52% of the 72% who could be bothered to vote decided to UK the country with Brexit.
by FedUpWithCrowers July 31, 2016
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A nick name given by an outside party as a term so a real name doesn't have to be used
"My name is touks!"
by matt. l May 10, 2006
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