n. one who is leaning towards full on "douchebag" status,but whom hanging out with can still be bearable if there is nothing else to do. medey:adj. one who is cool but acting "douchey"in a certain situation.
"Went to the show alone. Ended up hanging out with a mede. It was o.k."
"Dude, you're being totally medey right now."
by adam7 September 02, 2007
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A cool word used by cool kids. It makes smart people laugh. Stupid people will not understand why it's cool, especially if they are on platforms like TikTok or Instagram.
Cool kid 1: Meded.
Cool kid 2: LOL!
Another kid (probably mentally disturbed): Kill yourself.
by lolenhagen September 23, 2019
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Meded is a word that only cool kids understand others not, TikTok kids doesn't understand it at all
TikTok kids: Are they speaking forbiden languege
by Dr.Meded November 04, 2019
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Honeywine Mede

שיכר דבש
is fermented beehoney with juice, water and yeast
in many flavors
Honeywine is the beer of the old Greeks and North Europeans
Flowerhoneywine, Planthoneywine, Acaciahoneywine,
שיכר דבש מעד Honeywine Mede
מיוצר לפי מתכון עתיק יומין ממרכז אירופה מצוץ מתוך לבם של הפרחים
מעד יין דבש מגלה תכונות מרעננות ומחזקות מדהימות ומשפר את פעולת העיכול. ו
מעד לאחר דילול הינו משקה בריא והיגייני, הוא נוצר על ידי תהליך תסיסה טבעי של מיץ פירות עם דבש דבורים טהור ומשמר את תכונותיו הנעימות. ידוע שכל כוחות המרפא ברובם נמצאות בצומח, אך בצורה מרוכזת הינם בדבש. מעד הינו מוצר מחזק, מכיל קלציום, ברזל, אבץ וויטמינים, מרכיבים נחוצים ביותר לבניית שלד עצמותינו והשרירים. מעד ניתן לשתיה קרה כאפאריטיף ומתקבל גם על ידי קיבה וכבד רגישים. שתה מעד ותהנה מהחיים עם גוף בריא וראש צלול
by Honeywine Mede Enthusiast July 16, 2011
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A Medee is the most amazing person ever! She will always be there for you when you need her. She tends to have 'blonde moments' but that's why you love her. She might be shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her she is a fun, crazy, loving person. She will make a great girlfriend and friend. A Medee is sweet and drop dead gorgeous!! Like BEAUTIFUL(: She is crazy about one guy. And loves all of her friends. A Medee knows how to cheer someone up when they are sad. She knows all the right things to say. You should always go to a Medee if you need anything! A Medee is usually small and is not that athletic but all the girls wish they were her. A Medee is very pretty and can be very smart. A Medee is very fun to be around and will always make you smile(: Even the first time you meet a Medee you will love her. A Medee is just perff in her own way and listens to no one but her self. She knows right from wrong. And is just the definition of AMAZING! Make sure you never lose a Medee they are a one of a kind(:
“WOW Medee is so cool
I wish I had a Medee as friend”
by Wiliamtheoneandonly September 03, 2018
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