The act of taking a shit and jacking off with orgasm happening at the same time as the shit hits the toilet.
by Ramsey Nehemiah June 28, 2010
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The act of taking a poop, usually in the woods when camping when one digs a hole and "touchdowns" in it.
Camper 1: I'm going to go take a walk in the woods.

Camper 2: Be careful where you step, I just touchdowned over there.
by CanoeLeader December 03, 2008
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it means when you get ready to have sexual relations with a woman or man
by Bridget February 03, 2005
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When a male ejaculates between the front gap of a womans front teeth; then procedes to slap her on the top of the head while screaming touchdown!!
The only reason I even dated her was because I got to score a touchdown!
by rlikjgfklsmvlkdsfjgolsdikfjgls January 24, 2009
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Simply getting your genitalia touched by a neewbie at school, or a goody too shoes.
1) "Dude I got great touch down yesterday!"
"Damn! Who from?"
"That new chick from Michigan, she's hard in the sack!!"
"Lucky bitch!"

2) "Ha-ha did you hear about the new girl?"
"Yeah I heard Peter got touch down wink wink nudge nudge."
by smartytumtum February 09, 2010
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noun - a term used to describe a woman's breasts. The word's origin stems from the word "titties" which also is slang for a woman's breasts.

The phonetic pronunciation of "tittes" is almost identical to the abreviation for touchdowns commonly known as "TD's".

The word is always used in a complimentary manner.
In conversation:

"Hey Joe how about our waitress last night."

"I know did you see the touchdowns on her?...just perfect."
by Nightriderjoe October 08, 2009
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a fat lazy redard that has downsyndrome and writes with there shit in the KFC washroom.
jahanna has touch downs and is a fat retarded
by crx October 27, 2003
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