Someone who doesn't even know what something means, then goes around saying it like they invented it. This can sometimes work out to their enemy's advantage but I think you can work out how that worked.
Cool Kid: Yo THAS well plorin'

Normal Kid: Do you even know what that means?

Cool Kid: Uhhh Wha? Don' be dum fam! Duhhhh this kid lit !

Normal kid: Ugh, top notch for losers...
by Hahoteemgirl April 10, 2017
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Man It Mean That U look STUPID fione and or you gon look good when u older
U knoe that Boi Marcus "yea" Well he a Top Notch Huh ?

U knoe his lil brother "B" yea well he gon be a Top Notch when he get older he gon look lyk his brother.
by Juelani December 7, 2003
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A business deal, worth 2.5 billion dollars or a similarly huge amount. The phrase originates in the Microsoft acquisition of Mojang for that same amount.
I know you will get a top notch deal on your startup idea!
by zigah111 September 24, 2014
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a bitch that think she hot but is just another silly chicken headed hoe but think she is all that.
"the girl that my cat has more hair than is a top notched chicken headed hoe that think she cute honey ur just a silly hoe"
by debcincin May 13, 2009
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a freak who has to be broken out of their shell
"yeah she's a shy top notch"
by shshus April 4, 2022
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Sex with her is top notch, my soccer skills are top notch, her vagina is top notch.
by PewPewshots August 30, 2017
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