Adjective: To describe something of the highest quality / the best compliment towards a female you admire.
When a girl is extremely attractive and has tooken the time out of her day to look good and you can noticeably tell, you tell her she looks "Top notch" not beautiful, it will make her day!

My girlfriend is "Top notch"

Her style is "Top notch"
by smushinga May 26, 2013
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One of the greatest compliments you can recieve from an Aussie.
Top Notch Bloke means that you are the perfect man.
I love that cunt. He’s a Top Notch Bloke.
by Its_Called_Straya November 13, 2018
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kid 1: this is some good weed.
kid 2: yh this be some top notch twat
by Insane cunt September 06, 2009
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A saying by posh students who have succeeded in something extrodinary.

(to joke about upper class people)
Xena: how was your day?
Ushna: Top Notch Brillianté
by Ushena March 01, 2017
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The best student ever possible. Maybe even a robot. Does their work on time or even ahead. The epitome of a top class student from Morse HS.
Nate was the top notch tiger since he did not give a f*** about sleep and just focused on his school work.
by nakedtofu September 23, 2013
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Someone who doesn't even know what something means, then goes around saying it like they invented it. This can sometimes work out to their enemy's advantage but I think you can work out how that worked.
Cool Kid: Yo THAS well plorin'

Normal Kid: Do you even know what that means?

Cool Kid: Uhhh Wha? Don' be dum fam! Duhhhh this kid lit !

Normal kid: Ugh, top notch for losers...
by Hahoteemgirl April 10, 2017
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