When your really drunk and your tellin everyone ur okay.
by Sarah June 29, 2004
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1) a notch that is the highest in a row or column of notches
2) slang. an item, person or idea that is so much better than everything else that it is ridiculous.
"Just hang that on the top notch"
"These cheese fries are top notch"
by Fuckstick January 28, 2003
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Good. Perfect. Untainted. Mint condition. Healthy.

Of something or somebody.
If a car salesman tells you the car is in top-notch shape, just kick him straight in the gonads.

Despite the cocktail of Anejo tequilla and cocaine, I feel in top-notch form this morning!
by Human Freedom March 3, 2006
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This is a fabulous expression used by only the funniest slash classiest of people. In normal terms it is an expression of positive agreement but when used in certain circumstances it is both an incredibly sweet and funny way to answer somebody.

Words and expressions such as ponchomania, wicca wicca blazin' squad, sore throat, katie and ellie, ElleGirl, Elemayo, genious and may weeare all TOP NOTCH.

Have fun using this saying and well done to its creator!
Perv nudists are not top notch.
by [katie and ellie] December 30, 2005
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Perfect quality, without blemish or fault.
Have you seen Terry's new benz?
Oh my it's top notch.
by Em_ dtruth January 17, 2020
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