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A once great team. Now, for us New Yorkers, the games are hard to watch.
The Knicks lost AGAIN!!!!
by BigMan April 06, 2005

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matted tried turd that gets caught in your arse hair, very small and hard to shift
fuck me, i have a threeweek old cleg nut
by bigman March 14, 2003

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To complete something, To add a finishing touch, To add something to something in order to make it superior.
All this car needs is a new exhaust and it's pretty much topped off!
by BigMan February 20, 2003

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automatic gunfire released into a group of people
I'm going to go back to the club and spray that whole place.
by bigman December 24, 2002

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a very cute canadian girl.
by bigman April 07, 2003

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Foreskin of an Un-circumsized male
I have a cheesy Hoodie
by bigman March 12, 2005

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A pussy ass sport. Only for European fags. Soccer players are the most woman like fags ever.
Smart American #1: Hey, look at those soccer players there.
Smart American #2: Yeah, I bet they're gay.
Smart American #1:Well, duh, they are soccer players.
by BigMan April 07, 2005

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