A new word now used to just simply say "Aw shit"
Kid1: yo what happened with yo test?
Kid2: i failed it man!
Kid1: How bad u failed it
Kid2: Shit bitch i got a 40
by bpu May 30, 2007
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a phrase used by someone to insult someone else

Taken from Burnt Face Man cartoons by david firth

also a good combination with buggernuts :)
You sir are a shit bitch!!

shut up! shit bitch

you shit bitch buggernuts!
by James Halsall July 4, 2006
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reference to say something is shocking or fucked up, also said during a moment of tea being spilled.
shit bitch that girl tried to throw hands!
by sexykitten101 July 9, 2018
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When being a bitch isn't harsh enough Shit Bitch is the answer.
Shut up you stupid Shit Bitch
by TylerNight November 26, 2010
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Phrase referring to something that is stupid, dumb, useless, lame, etc.
Example 1
Guy 1) Hey dude lets go play Dungeon and Dragons.
Guy 2) Fuck that, Shits Bitch!

Example 2
Guy 1) I have to go buy new tires.

Example 3
Guy 1) I have to go to jury duty, SHITS BITCH!

Example 4
Guy 1) I have herpes, SHITS FUCKING BITCH!
by Go0o0o0CH May 17, 2011
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A person who is the defined one that deals with fecal matter that comes out of a person or an animal.
The girl holding the cup in 2 Girls 1 Cup would be the Shit Bitch

Or, "Bob, go pick up your dog's crap, it's in my lawn...Shit Bitch"
by ihatecejay August 21, 2008
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A phrase often used when someone does something unpleasant to you, "shit" is the reaction to what they did to you, and "bitch" is the insult to the person doing the unpleasant act. "Bitch" is often said quickly after you say "shit".
Antagonist: Watch this. *Begins to pour drink on protagonist*.
Protagonist: Shit, bitch.
Antagonist: Ha what, did you just say "shit, bitch"?
Protagonist: *Punches antagonist in the nose*.
by yungchub September 20, 2018
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