Lolita opened her mouth and went down on leroy's tonsil tickler.
by pappapitt December 9, 2006
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a bloke that cant kiss and frequently rams his tongue down your throat to no effect.
Marks cant kiss he's a real tonsil tickler!
by frenchie April 24, 2003
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Shoving your penis far enough in the throat to tickle the tonsils. May tickle more if a pubic hair gets stuck in the throat as well.
Nate slept through the entire tonsil tickler I gave him last night!
by Flap master June 18, 2013
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While recieving fellatio, the reciever either jams his cock to the back of the giver's throat before ejaculation, or the giver willing engulfs the mass of meat to fill the back of her throat. The result is that the penis head touches the tonsils at the back her throat while climaxing, leaving a thick coating of DNA on her tonsils. It is important that she not throw up despite her gag reflex, because then it would cease at being the Tasmanian Tonsil Tickler and become the Italian Bistro. Probably the greatest sign of affection one's lover can show.
Mary asked me if I loved her, so I gave her the Tasmanian Tonsil Tickler so that she would know my true feelings for her.
by Throbbin P. Ness December 13, 2006
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The act of taking a shat in a womans mouth then proceeding to wrap your penis in a rag or towel to resemble a turban and insert your wrapped penis down her throat.
My girlfriend cried last night when i gave her a dirty Taliban Tonsil Tickler. It brought her back to when she lived else where across seas.
by Dustin Million April 14, 2010
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