A fashion from Japan that tries to capture the innocence of youth, and nostalgia for the 19th century. Knee length puffy skirts, lacy blouses, platform mary janes and head dresses are standared attire. This fashion was popularized by Mana from the band Malice Mizer, and has nothing to do with Gwen Stefani.

There are several tyles of lolita:

Gothic lolita: Clothing is dark blues, reds and blacks. Very similar to Victorian mourning garb, only with shorter skirts. A prime example is the brand Moi meme Moitie.

Sweet lolita: Light pastle colors and florals, lots of lace, and more childlike. An example is the brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Classic lolita: Shorter versions of clothing that looks like it is from the French and English country side during the 1900s. Less lacey and more mature looking.
There were are group of Lolita shopping at MaruiOne.

Mana's Moi-Meme-Moitie makes beautiful lolita clothing.
by Julie Ann May 15, 2005
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1. Lolita 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov.

2. Lolita 1997 film

3. Lolita Japanese street fashion

4. A promiscuous young girl under the age of 15 (Slang for little girls)
I watched Lolita 1997
by bgfbhfhfgghnfhfhffh December 14, 2022
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Lolita is a 1955 novel written by Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. The novel is notable for its controversial subject: the protagonist and unreliable narrator, a French middle-aged literature professor under the pseudonym Humbert Humbert, is obsessed with an American 12-year-old girl, Dolores Haze, whom he sexually molests after he becomes her stepfather. "Lolita" is his private nickname for Dolores. The novel was originally written in English and first published in Paris in 1955 by Olympia Press. Later it was translated into Russian by Nabokov himself and published in New York City in 1967 by Phaedra Publishers.
The Lolita book is cool!

by Α January 14, 2022
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A Lolita is a type of fashion brought upon by the Victorian age,Lolita became popular over the years in Japan.Lolita is a worldwide growing fashion,girls/guy's will wear lovely dresses and wigs to show their individualism useing "Kawaii" or "Cute" accessories.Lolita fashion is very modest,and can be worn any time of the year.
Lolita is NOT in any way sexual,People can easly mistake Lolita for another term.Their is a book called "Lolita" and is manly about a little girl being sexually abused by an older man,This word has different meaning.Lolita is a fashion not a fetish
"Are you going to be at the Lolita meetup today?"

"Oh,I love her Lolita dress!!"

"Wow all those Lolita dresses are Kawaii!!"
by The Kawaii Potato June 19, 2015
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A Japanese fashion consisting of poofy knee-length skirts, lacy tops (normally blouses or cutsews), pretty knee-highs or tights, and lots and lots of lace. Has absolutely nothing to do with Gwen Stefani.
Has several subgenres, the most popular of which are:
Gothic Lolita: Basically the darker side of loli. Best example is Mana's clothing line Moi Meme Moitie
Sweet Loli: The more sweet side of loli, most common colors are pink and blue. Best examples are Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty.
Kurorori: Basically a lolita who wears nothing but black. Even if it's a Gothic Lolita dress, if it's all black, it's a Kurorori dress.
Shirorori: A lolita who wears nothing but white. Even if it's a Gothic Lolita or a Sweet Lolita dress, if it's all white, it's Shirorori.
Related Fashions: kodona, EGA
Note: If the skirt becomes too short, or there is not enough lace or poof, it is no longer loli.
When I visit Tokyo, my favorite thing to do is go shopping in my favorite store, Angelic Pretty, and meet up with my lolita friends.
by Kura Achika July 23, 2005
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A type of Japanese Street Style which started in the 80's.However,it's populairty reached its peak in 2004.The Lolita style is influenced greatly by the Rococo period and by the look of those Old-style dolls.When in a Lolita outfit,it is as if you are walking the line between extremely elegant and extremely distasteful.However,either side you fall on works.Most young men find Lolita fashion on girls un attractive,however,girls do not dress that way to impress boys.Girls (young-women rather) dress that way to kind of bring their fast-paced lives to a slow hault and escape to a fantasy all their own.Hence why it is all so princess-like and doll-like.Infact,most girls in Japan are teased for being a Lolita.But regardless,Lolitas value their clothes above all else.
Lolita fashion is the attitude of punk rock with a petticoat thrown under the plaid skirt.And however rude this may sound,Gwen Stefani seems to know nothing of Japanese fashion.Her "twist" on Lolita is to make it look slutty which does NOT help when trying to explain to someone that there is NO relationship between Lolita fashion and sexually active young females.Sure,they took the name,but they gave it a new spelling.The reason that term was used was because when you think Lolita,automatically you think "young-girl". Rather it be a sexual thought or a thought about clothing.
One more thing;Just because someone wears a bunch of lace,too many layers to count,and an over-sized (or under-sized) head-piece does not automatically mean they are a true Lolita.Just like any other label,just because you look the part,does not mean you are genuine.Lolita is about starting your own little reality.Lolita is about doing what YOU want,regardless to what people tell you.Lolita is being able to say "I like this" or "I dont like that" or "I will do this" or "I will not do that".Anarchy is a part of Lolita.Beauty is a part of Lolita.To become a true Lolita,you must have both the attitude and clothing to succeed.
I once had a girl in a Hot Topic-bought Lolita dress start to tell me about this "New" fashion called "Gothic Lolita" that Gwen Stefani discovered.Mind you,I had been wearing Lolita clothing to school that whole year.
by lolitaxaxgogo April 10, 2006
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Lolita is a fashion in Japanese subculture that is influenced heavily by the Victorian and Roccoco style, and is mainly worn by girls. There are many different Lolita styles, including sailor, guro, kuro, wa, qi, steampunk, punk, gothic, classic, sweet, country, oji, Hime and Casual. For the majority of Lolita, bustle skirts or bell skirts are worn along with bloomers and petticoats (these are a must for Lolita style.) Remember that Lolita is a modest and elegant style, playing up on femininity in a safe way. The only lolita that exploitst his nature is Ero, which is the "erotic" lolita, but even that stays far from exploitation and female degredation--by remaining modest and elegant with a slight eroticism (the neckline is lower, skirt is shorter, and more of the leg is shown.) The Oji lolita is for males, and means "prince", but this style is worn by a great many females. Hime means princess, and is similar to sweet lolita, but plays more along the lines of the idea of women as princesses--sweet royality. Still, it is not to be overdone or else it will no longer be modest or elegant, but gawdy and tacky. Casual lolita is the only lolita where you can pair a bustle/bell skirt with a casual tee and a pair of flats instead of heels. Country is another lolita a lot of people confuse for sweet, but the difference is the style of dress is patterned with stripes or checkers giving a very country-esque feel to it--paired with a picnic basket of sorts is perfect.
All above and of course there are more. But be sure to know that most anime and manga do not actually portray lolita at all. Misa does not wear lolita, and there is a HUGE difference between Maid and lolita. Gwen stefani by the way does not have her girls dress in lolita, and when she attempted to in her one video, she failed, so anyone who looks up to Gaga and likes Lolita--you're in the wrong boat because you're completley misinformed.
by Tailorthesailor April 4, 2010
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