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'tombstoning' - diving off rocks and cliff faces into a body of water such as a lake, pond, the ocean, etc.

The term 'tombstoning' is more commonly used in the UK and Europe than in North America.
Actual News Article:

A top Australian bodyboarder is still recovering in hospital after breaking his legs while "tombstoning" in west Cornwall.
by Steven Biars August 02, 2005
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1. a graphic description of an extreme wipeout in surfing, where the surfer is pinned to the bottom by the force of the wave, and the resultant tension on his leash keeps the surfboard perfectly vertical protruding halfway out of the water; appearing to spectators on the shore as a tombstone marking a watery grave.

2. metaphorically, experiencing helplessness in the face of an overwhelming oppositional force, often mother nature.
"Dude, Mark got worked at Waiamea yesterday, he was fully tombstoning!"

Q- "Another beer brah?"
A- "No thanks man - I'm still tombstoning from last night."
by Chiefnutz October 16, 2005
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69ing in the position of the Undertaker's finishing move. The tombstoner holds the tombstonee upsided down while they 69. Its an extremely rough and involes smashing the tombstonee's head into the ground or into a toilet. You need some real birds to be able to tombstone with someone
Colin: Dude me and this fat brotislavian girl were tombstoning last night.

Me: I hope she gave u herpes
by Ekaj June 11, 2008
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An activity whereby you see how far you can let a β€˜stool’ slip out and still be able to suck it back in.
"General! Sir! Tombstoning complete. I just successfully retracted 2 inches of loaf."


"Your Excellency has the air of a man mid-tombstoning."
by Bontempi June 27, 2007
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Tombstoning - A sexual act where you submerge your lover in ice cold water for a time and then make love to her cold stiff body. Great for the necrophiliacs amoung us :)
by Necros are us May 30, 2012
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When two people (males preferably) have oral sex simultaneously whilst in a standing 69 position.
I walked into the kitchen lastnight and caught to of my housemates "tombstoning"
by BSE123 February 10, 2018
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Tombstoning also known as tombing,

The act of a female recieving a penis rodding over several sessions even over several days, creating a tomb that she is unable too leave because of seepage and jelly legs
Hey! Did you end up tombstoning harriet at the weekend,

Yea fam we were tombing for ages
by freedog August 30, 2016
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