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a black male or female used by major media to create the illusion of diversity
Hey Epstein, don't forget the token black in the dance routine for the video. You know what kind of problems that could cause
by Bungalow Bill November 28, 2001
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The famous and lovable token black character from the hit satire tv show South Park
Clyde: "What vice did you see on the videotape, Talangar? Is it the work of Sauron's magic?" Token returns to the table and places the tape there
Token Black: "I'm not playing anymore." walks off
Stan: steps forward "Uh well wait, what'd you see?"
Token: stops and turns "I don't know, I don't wanna know. I'm out." claps his hands, then walks back into the house, sliding the door open and closed. The boys look on
Randy: "Yes... uh... you see Token, that was called a pornographic film. Uh, it shows adult men and adult women having sexual intercourse." Token does not respond, but instead continues to stare blankly "You see when a- when a man and woman are in love, the man puts his penis into a woman's vagina. It's called love making, and its part of being in love." There is a long pause before Token at last speaks
Token: And when a woman has four penises in her at the same time. Then stands over the men and pees on them, is that part of being in love too? Five midgets. Spanking a man. Covered in thousand island dressing. Is that making love?"
Mr. Black: "Jesus! What kind of porno was that?!"
Gerald: "Back-Door Sluts 9"
Mr. Black: "Oh Jesus! Not that one!"
by scryon596 June 27, 2011
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