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A child of destiny, born to survive throughout all trials. Sadly, pain will follow they who have been given the responsibility of this name but this kid was born to be great and will not stop until he/she is. Conceived in the heat of a moment and thrives in the same. Since the Beginning of time there has never been a Deon without influence. Whether it be for good or ill, you will forever know this name.
"Please never think of me as your President. Think of me as your comrade, a brother in arms, always there, always ready to defend. Think of me as my mother thought of me. Deon."
by TheCloud'sTears March 08, 2010
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Little Cutie, who Loves Cars and All Things Melvin Varghese Likes cos They're bestiesss andd yo! This kid is a pain but always sweet and thoughtful in desperate timess!
Omgg, Deonn you little cutiee, did you watch Horrid Henry Yesterday???
by Bestiezz August 23, 2013
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If someone has this name it means they are the best
Deon is awsome
by 4869j October 29, 2018
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A new age God that will kill all men and mingas in the most painful and bloody way. Will shag lotsa fit women
Deon is a god and is our king
by KiNG YiNKY February 10, 2004
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