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the lowest, most despicable form of life on planet earth. credited with uniting Christians, Muslims and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians, Democrats and Republicans, the rich and the poor in a common, pure hatred of all spammers everywhere.
check your inbox for examples.
by themarcuscreature February 22, 2005
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people who would rather put a symbol of modern christianity on their cars than actually live the christian life. usually seen on vehicles speeding and cutting people off in traffic.
that car that ran over my grandma's feet had a jesus fish on it. the driver must have been late for church.
by themarcuscreature September 5, 2005
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"his favorite color is fuscia? you can tell he's a member of the family..."
by themarcuscreature February 13, 2005
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i'm doing/working graveyard, meaning, i'm working night shift this month as a security guard.
by themarcuscreature February 13, 2005
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n. terrorist organization aiming to prostitute the art form known as music at the expense of hapless musicians. likes charging $22.95 for a CD that costs $0.03 to manufacture and dragging 14 year olds and grandmothers to court and refusing to legitimize sale of mp3s over the internet. see also asshole, terrorist, mpaa, et al.
"dammit, my unborn kid and my 101 year old uncle who died last week both got sued by the riaa... again."
by themarcuscreature February 12, 2005
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to shut up. usually expressed in the form of a request.
will you put a sock in it? i'm trying to study here.
by themarcuscreature February 10, 2005
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Acronym for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the brach of the United States Government burdened with the responsibility of treating non-Americans who wish to become Americans like inorganic garbage in a demoralizing form of torture commonly known as immigration. This despite the fact that all Americans as the world knows it are in fact descendants of immigrants themselves. Note that those that figure out how to enter and reside in America without going through this process are rewarded with prizes like welfare and food stamps paid for by generous hard working tax paying Americans, while those that opt for immigration are made to wait years and years filling out expensive forms, untangling miles of red tape and enduring the vicious, dehumanizing abuse of immigration and/or consulate officals. see also purgatory.
Why border-jump and immediately freeload off taxpayer money for the rest of your non-English speaking life when you can instead go through years of INS?
by themarcuscreature February 21, 2005
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