1. Lack of flavour; untasty.
2. Lack of redeeming qualities that interest or excite you; dull, void of personality.
1. Gee Mrs Potterson! Your flapjacks sure are insipid!
2. It's not that I don't love you any more, it's just that over the past couple of weeks, I've really come to realise what a bland, insipid bastard you've become.
by Olsen Pickett November 25, 2004
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a powerful god-llike beign that abounds the massassi message board.

No fear is necessary, as he is much too lazy to give a damn about anything .
by insipid March 26, 2003
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1. dullness or lacking any qualities whatsoever that inspire, excite or stimulate

2. the #1 cause of blog death
Yeah, I use to read that blog until the guy became repetitive and proceeded to temporarily suspend and moderate the comments in order to completely silence legitimate, non-invective criticism. Too bad, isn't it? He killed his own blog with insipidity.
by RoyBoy3 May 12, 2010
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Something that lacks flavour; doesn't have a taste.
Osso: "My zobb is insipid"
Bilo and Abood: "WE LOVE IT!!"
by osSso September 10, 2011
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Lackluster, tedious, trys the patience
The talkshow host conducted an insipid interview with the starlet.
by wnr April 26, 2011
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A tasteless worm that cannot do anything and is absolutely a useless human

Origin: it came to a small person in a dream
Get up you insipid nematode, look what you did to my precious gloves.
by captain_is_king June 5, 2018
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lacking flavor.

lacking vigor or interest
mugs of insipid coffee
many artists continued to churn out insipid, shallow works
by ABCDEFY November 28, 2022
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