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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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A great guy with an amazing personality, knows how to treat a girl , incredibly funny and has a hugeeee dick
Omg Deshawn is such a great boyfriend I love him soo much and girrrrllllll the sex is amazeballs
by Molecular September 19, 2017
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To be cool, laid-back, always have motovational words..
know how to make someone feel better, and type with correct
grammar. (no broken English)
Did you see that boy? He's sooo DeShawn! His speech makes me want to quit smoking. He also made me feel better about
my insecurites.
by BabiiBoosz November 04, 2007
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The name of the other 5% of African Americans, cause' "Jamal" is the 95%.
(In the nursery)

Doctor: "What shall he be named?"

Parents at same time: "DeShawn"
by me hee hee September 10, 2017
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Deshawn is a great person with a funny personality makes dumb choices from time to time but is actually really smart
Damn did you see Deshawn's grades i thought he was dumb!
by unknown_weirdo_person??? February 16, 2020
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