A great guy with an amazing personality, knows how to treat a girl , incredibly funny and has a hugeeee dick
Omg Deshawn is such a great boyfriend I love him soo much and girrrrllllll the sex is amazeballs
by Molecular September 19, 2017
Deshawn is a great person with a funny personality makes dumb choices from time to time but is actually really smart
Damn did you see Deshawn's grades i thought he was dumb!
by unknown_weirdo_person??? February 17, 2020
An amazing guy, with a stupid but adorable smile when he talks. There will always be that one girl the likes him but he doesn’t know if he likes her back yet...that girl will try and try but never as him out. He’s short, he gets in trouble for the funnies reasons. He’d be an amazing girlfriend to that one girl, he has brown eyes that sparkle when you look into them. His last name usually starts with an s and the girl that really likes him would probably start with an s. Overall he’s a great guy and getting a deshawn would be amazing.
Brooo, I really like deshawn! I wish he would ask me out!!
by maybe the person who likes you November 25, 2018
A super cute and funny guy. He's caring and all of the girls fall for him. He's really nice.
Deshawn: I like your shirt
Me: no its ugly
Deshawn: no its not
by Bester Bitch April 20, 2019
A real funny ass smart mouth ass girl that loves people and loves too dance and has a athletic body
Deshawn is pretty
by Omgdeee February 8, 2019
A fat fuck that plays video games and has nothing to do but beat his meat
there goes that far ass deshawn
by Emily1466383839393 November 23, 2021