Someone sweet that deserves all the love she can get. A Charley often feels hopeless, and Hope often wishes they could always be there for her. Charleys have low self esteem and at times forget there are people looking out for them.
If there are any Charleys reading this, remember that I care about you.
by remember to breathe February 3, 2017
Charley will be your best friend till the very end even if you two get in fights she will still find a way back into your life she is funny and loud you can tell her everything and anything. She gives the BEST help out there!!!
I love have having a Charley as my best friend.”-ensley Stropes
by Ensley October 24, 2019
Beautiful eyes with lashes that would make a Latisse model envious, beautiful smile when they decide you're worthy of seeing it, smart, ambitious, deep thinker, difficult to get to know but once you do you can never forget them, if you hurt them you end up hurting yourself ... more worse - they'll get over it - you won't, you only get to know them if they want you to know them. Loyal, kind hearted, honest, hard working, athletic, positive, strong willed, and determined.
Person 1: "Wow, that girl is is envious."
Person 2: "Well, she's a Charley after all."
by crazy_gal01 February 6, 2010
Derived from the Eurpean emperor's name, Charlamagne, Charles, Charlie, and Charley became popular among Europe. It is considered a royal name.

In old English and German the name means "Free Man" and "Strength". In Italian it is associated with "Freedom, Strength, and Valiance", while in French the alnternate female name of Charley and Charlotte also means "petite" and "feminine".
That person act likes such a royal. Well, his/her name is Charley after all.
by crazy_gal01 February 6, 2010
The best boyfriend ever, is attractive, sweet, caring, giving, and everything you could ask for.
"Man that guy is so nice to his girlfriend"

"Yeah he's such a Charley"
by BIWLZ November 24, 2009
A fuckhead who will ruin your day
Charley is a fuckhead
by Sudhrjsurhhd January 5, 2019