This long ass shit that's about the rules and regulations about the shit you're agreeing to and it's like 50 fuckin thousand pages long that no one reads anymore. Yeah it's important but what's more important is clicking the "I Agree" button.
Person: Hmmm..*goes through terms of service*....*Scrolls all the way down to the page*....*Clicks "I Agree"* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by lespritenbanana February 17, 2015
A really, REALLY long and pointless document aimed at users using the service. No one ever reads the ToS, and if they did, they take things way too seriously.

It's also a waste of time.
Don't even bother trying to read the Terms Of Service, because there's nothing in it for you except lost time.
It is a large wall of text that only idiots with no time read.
"Man I can't believe you read the Terms Of Service"
by Bman111 December 1, 2016
Terms of Service are rules that you must oblidge to in order to enter/ use something, like a service. Little do they (the creators) know, nobody actually reads the Terms of Service, we just scroll down to the bottom and click the ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’ box
Guy 1: Yo, did you read the Terms of Service

Guy 2: Umm... No?
Guy 1: ...
Guy 2: ...
Guy 1: ... Yeah, me neither
by imnotcolonchin December 3, 2018
the page at the bottom of the screen that(barely) tells you the rules and regulations about urban dictionary
The Terms of Service is the lamest page on urbandictionary
by Can of Worms November 19, 2006
A long page listing out rules and conditions you must abide by in order to use a service. When seen on the internet, these terms are often ignored, as all the user must do is click the "I Accept" button at the bottom. If you read or attempt to read a page listing Terms of Service on the internet more than once in your life, you should schedule a doctor's appointment soon to test for possible Down Syndrome.
"Ugh, I don't want to read the Terms of Service! They all mean the same thing."

*Clicks "I Accept" button*
by IlikeTurdulz May 16, 2011

{yeah, how often do i get to make your momma jokes)
man i need some ass, i think im going to call your mom for some TERMS OF SERVICE!
by craigums March 7, 2005