2 definitions by exserohilum

A growth digit at the tip of your foot created for the sole purpose of demonstrating horrible pain when you stub it against a corner or wall.
Joe: *joe stubs his toe* “GOD fucking damn it MY TOE” *joe proceeds to shriek hysterically in pain*
by exserohilum November 18, 2019
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1.) a shortened way of referring to a baby boomer

2.) is a stereotype derived from the generation baby boomer. it’s most commonly used in the popular internet phrase “ok boomer”. it is a stereotype for baby boomers, and can be described as the old person who is against video games and electronics. the old people that always rant about how things are different. they seem to be easily annoyed by change and will take it out on everyone, especially kids. while actual baby boomers range from birth years 1944 to 1964, the stereotypical ‘boomer’ could probably just be 53, like my mom. she acts like a boomer.
Ex 1.)

old guy: “all you kids do is play on those fancy gadgets! back in my day we used to play outside in the mud and get dirty!”

joe: “ok boomer

Ex 2.)

exserohilum: “mom you’re such a boomer”

mom: “i’m not even a part of the generation baby boomer-”

exserohilum: “you still act like a boomer”
by exserohilum December 2, 2019
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