An individual typically with a larger penis that tends to attract the female sex.
I hate going out with my friend he is a shriek in the club.
by Cj "Spine" Shelton March 4, 2014
A congregation of 3 or more cunts
We sat down at a restaurant and next to us was a Shrieking arguing loudly with the poor waiter
by Jepenator November 2, 2020
The universal sound made when you get killed in Super Mario Brothers or any DSI game. This sound is innate in humans, having been witnessed in specimens ranging from 3 to 63.
One more DSI shriek and you are outta this car, dude. I don't care if you are just five years old.
by Mama12345 January 31, 2010
Any form of shrieking that sounds low.
Abbath (former frontman of Norwegian black metal band Immortal) is one of those black metal vocalists who often does low shrieking.
by CelticEagle May 6, 2019
Instead of having a freak out, someone has a shriek out. This is usually used in reference to a girl who shrieks at the tiniest thing, like a broken nail or a bad grade on a test. Instead of freaking out and maybe doing something like a normal person would, they usually stand there and let off an irritating shriek.
Guy #1: So I threw her the football, but it banged her hand, and she had a shriek out because she dropped the ball and broke a nail.

Guy #2: Glad I wasn't around to hear it.
by Sir Don Yim October 26, 2011
A quick burst of air from the anus or a smelly individual
"I was walking down the street when some girl let out a bum shriek."

"I walked into the convention and all that were there were a bunch of bum shrieks."
by Andre6300 August 2, 2006
the amusing counterpart to the silent but deadly fart, it is the piercing noise of fart meeting buttcheeks.
Bubba had consumed more than his fair share of beer that night, as evidenced by his blitzkrieg shriek upon entering his trailer the next morning
by not bubba August 4, 2007