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What some people call the tobacco which they put in their bowl along with weed.
"Dude, I just can't smoke a bong without tobe anymore!"
by KPion September 29, 2006
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Packing a bong bowl with a lot of cigarette tobacco covered with weed on top and enjoying it all in one hit.
Rip a F-cking Tobe man.
by TobeGang July 19, 2018
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1) verb meaning to exist or exist as something
by Med Student February 02, 2003
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Being pathetic and underperforming. "Tobing it"
"Don't Tobe your drink" - meaning don't just sip it, actually drink the fucking thing.
by Strandlight May 08, 2018
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Black aboriginal who likes to play soccer and have sideburns keke lah he lost his hip
Hi tobes your aborignal
you coon
nice sunglasses, oh wait their your nostrals .D.
by carnage_has_tits January 23, 2004
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