What some people call the tobacco which they put in their bowl along with weed.
"Dude, I just can't smoke a bong without tobe anymore!"
by KPion September 29, 2006
This word has noactual meaning, in any language on earth. It's justa combination of four letters. IF there was a word like tobe it would mean something like: ass hat or monkey
by Gryphonx January 13, 2004
Packing a bong bowl with a lot of cigarette tobacco covered with weed on top and enjoying it all in one hit.
Rip a F-cking Tobe man.
by TobeGang July 19, 2018
has a vagina. could b mistaken for an olive branch if u squint. legs can possibly be deep-fried and served in a zinger box
tobes is acting donut asf
by akicbsojd August 31, 2021
The short form for the greater toronto area of Etobicoke.
Lets drive to the Tobes to pick up Tamara.
by A_dog December 26, 2005
"Don't Tobe your drink" - meaning don't just sip it, actually drink the fucking thing.
by Strandlight February 27, 2018
Used mainly in the hoods in Germany. A guy who's generally admired by most people and envied because of his special talents.
Look at that guy: He's a toBee!
by Jochen Muller July 22, 2004