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Tamara is super funny and weird asf but when you first met her she is really really shy but then once you know her is very loud and funny, tamara can be very protective about her friends if they are getting bullied ETC
Tamara is so weird but funny at the same time
by Timtam1 November 20, 2018
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Tamara is a beautiful and magnificent girl. Her brown eyes will make you go crazy. She may act very tough but she is actually very sensitive. When she gets a boyfriend she will love him and be the best she can to him. She is very loyal. She doesn’t like to have boyfriends because she is afraid they will break her heart but if she truly loves a male she does.
by Viranda July 04, 2018
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A name for my angel, she Brings the best out in people. She is quick to be an asshole but gives a person so much love that It makes up for it. Also a woman that who has been hurt a lot and feels like the world has betrayed her but she just needs to be reminded sometimes
My heart and soul belongs to tamara. I love u tamara always and forever
by EDWONTSTOP420 September 07, 2016
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She is stunning! Always up for a good chat, works hard and achieve everything she works for. Oh and did u say how attractive she was probably the most gorgeous girl you’ll meet #goals
“I wish I looked like Tamara!”

“Omg I want someone to look at me the way all the boys look at Tamara”
by Shitt goals May 15, 2018
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Tamara is the best at every single thing. She can achieve her dreams if she wants to. She gives love to literally everything that lives.

Her looks are indescribable. She looks good all the time and there is not a single thing that looks bad on her.
Tamara is always there for you no matter what. She’ll encourage you to become a better version of yourself. She’ll forever stand by your side.
A: Wow Tamara looks really good today!
B: When doesn’t she?
A: You’re right.
by December 30, 2018
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Tamara is an amazing girl. She intrigues you with her green grey eyes changing to match her mood, her wild blonde curls, and her heart of gold. She is a true beauty, though she never realizes it and dislikes her appearance.

She makes for the most amazing friend you can find, and will never leave your side, or fail to put you first. She loves her friends with an indescribable passion but is sometimes afraid no one feels the same about her. Tamara is one of the funniest people you'll meet and never fails to make you smile, give you a laugh when you need it the most, or give you an encouraging speech to boost your self-esteem/confidence. She loves with so much of herself, that she gets easily attached and deeply hurt.

She has a heart for traveling, and wishes to experience the beauty of every place possible.

Tamara has a very creative mind and loves writing, drawing, photographing the world, and expressing herself in as many ways as possible. Although that side of her brain is always in use, the other is just as competent. She is smart, observant, a fantastic speller and gets anything done she sets her mind to.
If you ever meet her, you do NOT want to lose her because she is the best thing that will happen to you.
Tamara is a very straightforward person and will tell you if she doesn't like something you've done, but also, she will tell you how much you mean to her and exactly how much she loves you when she does.

She will never leave unless you ask her to.
Tamara is my best friend
by 33333333T3333333 July 10, 2017
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