a really hot and spicy supplement, sometimes added to grog mixes for discomfort
Ouch, that MSI class is like tobasco sauce and chocolate drink powder.
by Jenna November 23, 2003
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A mild, tame, weak-flavored sauce used to add piquancy to food.
A tablespoon of Tobasco sauce will add some life to bacon, sausage, and potatoes.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 7, 2005
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After eating to much spicey flavored with hot sauce food you take a shit and your assholes on fire.
I went to take a shit after eating mexican food covered in hot chili sauce and winced when it became painfully apparent that I had tobasco-ass !
by jpg3 August 28, 2011
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First, place a rubber on your dick and unroll it all the way down to the base of the shaft. Next, carefully brush HOT SAUCE over the rubber. Finish it off by unrolling yet another rubber over the first. If a rubber breaks at any time during the porking, this process will serve as your "Early Warning System." If either partner detects a "burning like a motherfucker" sensation, you will know that it's time to pull your dick out and contact the condom manufacturer for a replacement.
If that girl is a cum-dumpster, you had better use the camel tobasco. It worked for me, although the experience changed the way i feel about its name... i now call it slot sauce!!!
by wild-card March 25, 2010
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Flaming diarrhea that burns like hell and leaves your asshole feeling like you shit out shards of glass covered with tobasco sauce
My asshole hurts cause I got the tobasco shits
by p00 July 16, 2006
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licking a girl out with tobasco sauce on your tongue
this causes immense irritation and sometimes pain causing the receiver and sometimes the giver to scream
boy: i heard you really scream last night, what happened?
girl: my boyfriend tobasco screamered me
by 05elliotth January 3, 2012
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The act of smacking the acorn without washing your hands after handling spicey food anything upto half an hour after doing so (depending on the level of culinery heat).

Usualy results in some sort of aggitation and burning. This is a non advisable activity, and is some what frowned appon by most social circles as a method of arousal. It is therefore only accepted as a result of some sort of carelessness and or poor personal hygeine.
Jack: Shit man get me some bread...
john: what the hell for
Jack: I need to wrap it round my shaft, i've only gone and had a fucking tobasco wank.
John: Wtf, your bad, I need that for lunch tommorow tosser!
by farmerboy July 5, 2009
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