the act of achieving greatness in World of Warcraft Mythic Plus while being on a realm no one gives two shits about
BigDonnyCal: "I'm gonna PvP this season, what are you gonna do?"

Tridancer: "Ah you know, just going to vince this season as usual."
by BigDonnyCalTTV October 13, 2020
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He's weird but in a cool way makes him different. He always makes you smile does random things that make you feel over the moon.hes one of the few that will be real and tell you how he feels your your face good or bad and he earns your respect like that. He is funny and charming and a awesome friend to have when you feeling down.
Vince always makes my day better makes me feel soft really brightens up your day.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd October 23, 2019
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He is a caring, thoughtful, understanding, and loving guy. At first he may seem a little bit cold and hardly opens up to anyone but once you get to know him, you'll realize that he's a crackhead and he can be goofy sometimes. He is fun to be with that you'll wish to have him by your side 24/7. He is also one of the most supportive person in the whole world. He would also make you feel special every single time and would make you realize your worth. He would fight for the things that he love and he is very hardworking. Moreover, he is very cute and adorable but he is self conscious that's why he needs someone to boost his confidence. He has a really nice voice that will always make you calm whenever you're troubled. Honestly, he's just the best person and you're very lucky to have him in your life so DON'T ever ever let go of him.
My ideal type is Vince
by Yourlove541 April 16, 2020
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A guy who can entertain you forever. Total pot head though. His voice melts your heart and his looks turn you on to the max. Someone who is a player and comes across as a jerk but when you get to know him, you want him with you forever. Can break your heart with the snap of his fingers and make you cry from happiness with just one text. Seeing him gives you a total lady boner and his skills to sweep you off your feet are perfected. All you want when you see him is him in your bed. A jerk but also the best friend in the world. I love him.
-Woah! Who's that hottie?
-OMG he's such a total Vince right?! Complete chick magnet for me!
-I need to get closer to him! I need him now!
by The Secretive One November 03, 2013
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a tall asian male who’s into flats white girls with musty breath
damn that girl is flats asf
i bet vince is into her
by flawlesstuts July 02, 2019
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The sexiest man in da world. Has da biggest wiener of all, bigger than a whale, and it's longer than the equator. Doesn't wank it, but he gets all dem bitches.
-"Bro who's that bro over there with Kate Upton?"
-""Yeah bro, that's Vince"
by RenownedPegasus June 06, 2013
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Vince it: Verb - Adverb; Used in reference to Vince Shlomi, (also known as ShamWow/SlapChop guy) as he always over exaggerates the products he advertises. This term may be used to describe people who are over excited about not exciting things or events. This may also be used as a verb when anticipation for something is required.
Guy1: Wow! I can't wait to be a urbandictionary editors!!
Guy2: Way to Vince it you noob, you can only join with an IQ under 100.
Guy1: Dude, I'm totally pumped for Bioshock 2!
Guy2: I know, I'm completely Vincing over it!
by I Just Anon'd Your Mom October 11, 2009
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