Getting someone to feel horny
that naked picture i took for you in the shower will really turn you on!
by urbandic23 November 17, 2013
Using insane amounts of uncontrolled force to set a lifelong friend straight on some dispute. When a simple beat down isn't enough, turn them into a curb.
If you insist on wearing layered clothes, I'm going to turn you into a curb.
by Gogojuice April 11, 2007
Turn you special is to kick your ass because you are percieved to be annoying.
Kat told Tony he better get out of the kitchen before I turn you special
by Tonythetiler September 20, 2020
To Beat someone up/To really hurt someone/To fight Someone
I'm gonna Turn You Over! You're gonna get Turned Over!
by OxfordUnitedFC February 18, 2016
Coined by The Beatles and used in their song "A Day In Life", "I'd love to turn you on" is often mistaken as:

*A sexual term
*A marijuana related term(I want to turn this blunt on so bad)

The truth is the sentence "I'd Love To Turn You On" is often used by stoners and hippies alike who actually know what "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out" means. It's more of a question. Instead of asking "yo bitch, wanna do LSD with me?" you can use the more poetic "I'd love to turn you on, babe". The sentence must always be said in a song tone or the effect is lost. Alternately, you can use the "You are the walrus" speech coined by Slag:

"All you gotta do babe is turn on, tune in, and drop out. Are you ready to go to the land where hopes and dreams are really not? Are you ready to expand your mind? I want you to listen. You are the light. You are the walrus. I'd love to turn you on."

The above must be said in a normal tone and works better if said high.
Guy: I'd love to turn you on babe.

Girlfriend: What?

Guy: It's a stoner thing, wanna do acid with me?

Girlfriend: no, that stuff makes you stupid.

Guy: Too late, that pepsi has enough acid to kill an elephant.