very happy, extremely happy
I am over the moon at this moment.
by Dali Mao December 19, 2006
sex position ; girls on bottom with legs over boys shoulders.
deep penetration.
damn shorty i banged a lass last night over the moon
by chezzaaa & Kelbot September 27, 2009
be (or jump) over the moon - be very happy.
feeling, showing, or expressing extreme joy; very pleased
This person was lean and brown, his eyes were extremely clear; he held himself very straight and looked fit to be over the moon. (J. Galsworthy, ‘The Little Man and Other Stories’, ‘The Perfect One’

‘It's only a few weeks since you were over the moon about Davina.’ ‘Well, now I'm not.’ (P. H. Johnson, ‘The Survival of the Fittest’, part VI, ch. V)
by Inessik February 26, 2009
Look over the moon means to be really happy or pleased about something. The phrase can be used to describe a feeling about something positive.
"When she gave me the box of chocolates I was over the moon"
"When i'm with him i'm over the moon"
by scentedcandles101 August 18, 2018
When having sexual intercourse doing "doggy style" and right before the ejaculation you pull out of the vagina and ejaculate over her ass on to her back
when ever i have sex "The Cow Jumps Over The Moon"
by Nollat June 18, 2010
to be ovewr the moon
быть на седьмом небе от счастья
To be extremely happy
I've been over the moon ever since I got engagedI just can't stop looking at my ring!
by apituitarism November 1, 2017