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To put oneself responsible for one's brethren, to serve and protect them from harm, while fighting evil forces with iron fists; to be aware that every move one makes can jeopardize the firearm's safety, and take steady but cautious measures while keeping the situation in tandem.; to run towards danger while handling it with grace and absolute control; to hold the line, and enjoy it. Do you even Titan?
To titan: When I titan, I mostly feel like a Field Medic/Universal Soldier. Here are my responsibilities:

1) Kill adds as fast as possible. If every 3rd kill is not a melee, I bring dishonor to my order. If my Hunter and Warlock friends have had to stop shooting the boss to fight a measly dreg, shank, or goblin for more than a brief few seconds, I am shamed for all the world to see.
2) Deploy bubble and revive my squishy brethren. If they stay dead long enough to choose to respawn, I have failed in my duty.
3) If 1 & 2 have been accomplished already, resist the urge to punch the boss in the face. I occasionally get carried away with how easily I mow through the adds, get ballsy, and forget that the bosses can all OHK me. This one is tough. I usually switch to my HMG and instead get carried away with how awesome my gun looks and sounds while I am shooting. Then I remember how much fun it is to punch things in the face, which is convenient because by now the adds have respawned.
4) Go back to step one.
by the_titan October 9, 2014
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A massive humanoid beast that devours human beings because why the fuck not. They terrorize humanity with their massive naked bodies.
"I'm gonna wipe them out... Every single last Titan!!"
Eren Jaeger, Shingeki no Kyojin
by Urok33 December 4, 2013
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Giant creatures that eat all your loved ones and friends. They are useless and should all die for killing someones mom!!!
Blonde friend:" the titans are coming!!!" Me: "TITANSSSSS!!!!"
by Jaegerlicious Eren November 3, 2014
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An advanced alloy used in the manufacture of snow skis. Named for its dual properties of rigidity and pliability. Particularly unique for its ability to be initially rigid but ultimately receptive to probing when properly manipulated.
Mike and Jimmy’s titanal framed skis provided sufficient rigidity and buttery feel to satisfy both Jimmys demands for stiffness on the front side and mike’s needs for pliability on the back side.
by Jimmy Romper January 28, 2019
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(v) to, while having sex in one's car, plaster one's hand against the foggy window and drag one's fingers along the glass.
"So Danielle and I were having sex in my car and I totally made her Titanic.
by Keith Erik June 10, 2009
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1. The best movie ever starring my father LEONARDO DICAPRIO and Kate Winslet.

2. A horrible ocean disaster due to an iceberg collision.

3. Also means large, enormous, humongous.
1. Brittnay-"Omg! It has been 20 years since Titanic came out!"

2. Professor: " Read the book on Titanic"

3. Lucy- " Look at that Titanic Ocean!"
by itty_bitty_critty March 3, 2017
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titanic is a huge passenger ship that collided with an iceberg 11:40 pm at april 14 1912 on its first trip from southampton to new york, and sank 2:20 am at april 15, 2 hours and 40 minutes after the collision.
it was a huge disaster, 1 500 people died. there were 2 200 passengers omboard, so 68% percent of the people died. the boat was called unsinkable, but they didnt call it that anymore after the disaster

james cameron has also made a hit movie about titanic starring leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet as the main characters
person 1: i just saw the titanic movie, and i think it was great!
person 2: i didnt like the movie. i think it was too long and boring.
person 1: i dont think it was boring at all! oh well, we all have our opiniond
person 3: im more interested about the ruins of titanic
by theurbandictionaryuser777 March 25, 2013
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