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Noun: A person who represents the lowest of the low - unemployed, unwashed, but not necessarily homeless, often invlved in petty crime; the guys you see dregging around downtown as they continue their drunk from the night before while you're on your way to work; reprobates.

The verb "to dreg" describes dreg-like behaviour such as sleeping one off on a park bench or casing parked cars for easy break-ins.
"Jesus! Look at those dregs dregging around the parking lot."
by Adman12 September 22, 2005
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(The dictionary definition) 1. The sediment in a liquid; lees. Often used in the plural. 2. The basest or least desirable portion. Often used in the plural: the dregs of humanity. 3. A small amount; a residue.

(The Slang Definition) 1. A word used to describe someone who is less than desirable in the eyes of common society. See also outcast.
"Look at that guy, he such a freaking dreg."

"I hate that group. It's full of dregs."
by Vemiermark4 May 26, 2006
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The 'dregs' is the usually known as the beer at the bottom of a can or bottle. Often tastes more watery/less frothy than the rest of the beer.
Tom: Let us have the rest of that can...
James: Ok, but its down to the dregs.
by Snoop frogg July 24, 2005
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Although it most commonly refers to the beer at the tail-end of a beer, it can also refer to someone's leftovers, or sloppy seconds. This also applies to sexual 'sloppy-seconds' by which it refers to someone that the subject has already had sexual intercourse with.
Dude, like I know you think she's hot, but you'd be doing Dan's sloppy seconds... It's his dregs man! HIS DREGS!

by FLAMES! April 18, 2006
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1. A rare, unique slang meaning "the worst part(s)" or "dirty/grimey".
2. "Fuck."

The word's original origin comes from wine brewers. "Dregs" or "lees" were the words applied to the wine residue during the aging process. "Dregs" also comes from the grammatical base of the word "dark".
1. "The best deals are in the dregs of the city..."

2. Tanto: "Shoot 'im! Shoot 'im!"
*won't fire*
Tanto: "It's on safety!"
Garie: "DREGS!!"
by nikkan_hanil September 23, 2004
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Leftover dense material. Used to describe industrial sludge. Another informal usage refers to the last few centimetres of coffee at the bottom of the pot.
I don't have another time to brew a fresh pot. So I'll just nuke yesterday's dregs.
by radiosonde1 July 29, 2009
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The reusable residue left after cooking an opiate for the purpose of injection.
I'm dopesick enough that even your dregs are enough to get me off.
by Greg A. June 10, 2005
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