Short hand for "Oh, okay." Used to acknowledge and affirm a statement.
A: "The move at 5 is sold out so we are going to the 7 oclock showing"

B: "ohk"
by Elliot "Kid Poker" April 14, 2006
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this can be interpreted as a what the fuck okay.
girl: "I really like you but there is another guy"
guy: "oh-k..."
by Wills Dean December 02, 2008
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Ohk a condensed and more emphatic version of Oh Ok, generally used after an especially inspiring light bulb moment.
IT specialist: The reason your accounts keep getting hacked is that you keep posting your passwords on Facebook.

You: Ohk
by Estu the pirate August 04, 2017
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Instead of saying ‘oh, ok’ you would use ohk as a combination of those 2 and also because it is faster to type and looks smooth.
“Our plans have changed to Saturday

by Schnitzel93 June 28, 2018
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Usually identified as the work "okay", but somehow got translated into "Ohk" by a specific one, female Asian girl.
Often ends a sentence, whether demonstrative or interrogative, it is universally acceptable.
Whoo dew yer think I am, OHK?
by Cahson October 12, 2005
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