to rise extremely quickly or make quick progress
by Anonymous June 9, 2003
to prematurely ejaculate
He couldn't satisfy her because he skyrocketed
by Sweet Sugar April 24, 2004
Not when the price is 200 pound! And certainly not when you've got Liberia's defecit in your skyrocket!
by The Mars Volta January 3, 2004
A term used to generate hype over a large and sudden increase in value of a good or service.

News Anchor: Breaking news as Uber stocks SKYROCKET as much as 40% in value this morning. Stocks are expected to continue increasing as a result of the hype generated by this breaking news, at which point I will certainly be dumping my personal Uber stocks in the future for a profit.
by Jackwerks01 April 9, 2020
when you pull out of a woman before ejaculating and lay down, and the woman rubs the penis between her buttcheeks. then, as you are about to cum, you tell her to get underneath you and you jack off into the air, attempting to shoot in an arc into her mouth.
"So Jenalee, how about a skyrocket surprise for dinner?"
by Revan January 24, 2006
When having sex with someone, you lay down and throw them up in the air and have them land on your dick multiple times. You then throw them up in the air when you're about to cum and jizz to make it look like exhaust coming out of their ass.
Dude I totally did the Armenian Skyrocket with that chick last night.
by The Whitman Whiggler June 7, 2010
While a girl is giving you head. Just before you're about to pop, push her head down to the max. Then proceed to ejaculate deep in her throat.....she'll enjoy it :)
"When jen was blowing me, i pushed her head down and gave her a good ole swedish skyrocket"
by M_Bernie June 29, 2007