Singer, To Singer - Verb

The act of taking someone who used to be but is no longer fun and make them fun again.
Daniel: Dude, I moved to Sydney and now I'm all boring
Marc: Move to Melbourne
Eytan: We are going to singer you
Marc Singer the crap out of you
Daniel: Win
by singermovestomelbournecampaign September 6, 2010
A stud with perfect intercourse technique. Named after the Singer brand of sewing machine, this 'sowing machine' has consistent timing that can be varied from slow to fast, much like the needle on a sewing machine creates perfect strokes.
Babe: Wow, that Horny dude can satisfy me every time. He is a real Singer.
Stud: Yup, like a well-oiled machine. Some credit goes to the Babe for having the perfect lubrication.
by pornhorny February 7, 2010
A combination of "singer" and "singing." Can be used to mean either, but is usually used to talk about how someone sings, as it reflects both the SINGER and the quality of their SINGING!
Mark's singering was fantastic, I can't believe it!
I went to a concert last night, ugg, the singering was horrible!
by Christina S November 17, 2007
One day whilst really high on the marijuana cigarettes, a friend of mine threatened to punch me in the singer and the swibble. Upon investigation it was determined that a singer is the mouth. (See also: swibble)
"I'll smack you in the singer then crack you in the swibble."
by The Last Shot Caller September 23, 2007
Someone talented or non talented that has the ability to sing like a croaking frog or dying hyenna no terms and conditions let alone regulations for the after effects which include loss of voice if voice happens to sound as such, who uses the inner muscles and tissues of their throat which works like a machine to get out the unique sound of their singing voice through their vocal cords
Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky
(Lyrics , Rihanna, a very famous singer currently in 2015 taking a vacay as we all know)
by Purpleunicornlover November 10, 2015
Pronounced san-jee
A french cooking meathod in which flour is sprinkled over sweated vegetables to create a thickening paste to add to soups or sauces.
ALSO where you are fucking a girl, pull out, blow your load in her face and then throw flour at her face.
"I did her against the kitchen counter and singer that so hard"
by brohon December 18, 2008
any person who sings, regardless of skill in singing, and behaves in an extremely douchy attitude toward everyone, especially other musicians or singers; generally used in quotations to distinguish from regular people who sing.

singer=vocal instrumentalist
"singer"=b*tch, douchebag, etc.
Person 1: Why does she get that solo? I'm clearly better.
Person 2: Does it really matter who sings it?
Person 1: OF COURSE IT DOES!!! I've wanted that solo for like ever.
Person 2: *thinking* "singers"
by cthunder March 7, 2010