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Croaking occurs when a smoker inhales smoke (usually tobacco or marijuana). If there is an insufficient amount of saliva coating the throat, the tars and toxins contained within the smoke cause an unpleasant, burning sensation in the throat and lungs. The body's immediate response is to cough or 'croak'. Gagging will sometimes occur.
Smoker 1: Here, take a hit.

*Smoker 2 takes a hit, then starts croaking for 5 minutes*

Smoker 2: That shit tastes nasty.
by iSkwerl March 02, 2010
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"CROAKING A THONG" This is done by waiting until the end of a long, hot summers day. Grasp the Thong at the top. Pull at a medium to fast pace. This will cause a "CROAKING" noise when the thong rubs against the ass cheeks, which are moisty.
Kinda like rubbing your hand down a foggy window. Or like a croaking bull frog looking for love.
by Master Ecs Sploder August 11, 2011
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when one twists, cranks, or tugs on the corners of their mustache located in the mustache area.
Stanley sure does alot of mustache croaking.
by TyMy March 15, 2011
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When someone smokes a cigarette to try and look cool but blows out all the smoke without inhaling
"i smoked a ciggrette with cindy the other day but she was croaking the whole time"

by lucky strike 0001 August 01, 2008
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