n. A nude cuddle

v. To nude cuddle

"Nuddle" fills the void between "make out" and "make love". "Let's nuddle" can be a prelude to sex or an end itself.
They took off their clothes and nuddled in bed.
by romanticman May 21, 2013
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To nap and cuddle at the same time.
After partying for so long, I just wanted to nuddle with my boyfriend.
by rachski March 28, 2010
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The coming together of two bodies as the result of a sappy love movie to make sweet, sweet love.
"Yeah so, she and I nuddled after the chick flick was over."
by Brandon Kyle T. March 18, 2007
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That pair match. They must be Nuddles and Riddles
by Nuddles March 14, 2005
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