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frontman of green day

and the sexiest man on earth...
Billie Joe Armstrong was wicked at the Green Day concert last night.
by Carmen November 14, 2003

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What would FSM do?
by Carmen September 25, 2005

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a secondary name used on a message board; a sockpuppet
He has about 3 socks on this board.
by Carmen October 24, 2003

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too long, didn't read
most often used in forums, when someone writs a really long post
tl, dr. that was a freaking essay.
by Carmen March 23, 2004

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a "Burgers-Fries-Cola" joint found in DC, MD, and VA(possibly in other east coast cities). Quite possibly the best burgers and fries you can get short of being gourmet... beware, they are really big, and really greasy.
Person #1: Do you want to go to McDonalds or Arby's?
Person #2: Nah, let's go to Checkers.
by carmen November 06, 2003

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post proof or retract
Where did you hear that? PPOR.
by Carmen October 24, 2003

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a male prostitute. a male whore
hey im a gigelo. look me up in da porn mag
by carmen March 19, 2005

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