24 definitions by Carmen

a secondary name used on a message board; a sockpuppet
He has about 3 socks on this board.
by Carmen October 24, 2003
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my friends last name, or an aweful piece of meat that some enjoy to throw on school roofs
We are having stakem for lunch.
I want to eat Stakem... out.
by Carmen April 1, 2005
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too long, didn't read
most often used in forums, when someone writs a really long post
tl, dr. that was a freaking essay.
by Carmen March 23, 2004
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to use with the purpose of breeding; to have sex with
Dude, she's hot. I'd totally stud her.
by Carmen August 21, 2003
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Skeets the thin pant suits the make a skeet noise when you walk.
I got new Nike skeets yesterday
by Carmen April 12, 2004
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When you love someone, but as a friend, not in the romantic way.
Lub you, narf.
by Carmen March 16, 2004
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Modern Standard Arabic; the dialect of Arabic used in almost all writing and in formal spoken contexts
The regional dialects are different from MSA.
by Carmen September 14, 2005
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