More so tinged, brought on by a very drunk friend. To be extremely intoxicated and/or belligerent.
Dam Joe you were tinged up last night.
by skurto July 7, 2003
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a name meaning pretty, elegant, slim and graceful in the chinese language.
that pretty girl is ting ting.
by ubtalkerman January 14, 2012
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Ting Ting's beauty is hypnotizing for guys and girls. Many people are interested in her but usually not seem to want something serious.
She is a little shy when she's around new people but loosens up quickly and shows her quirky and weird side. She's smart, cute and has a very nice and outgoing personality. She always strives to look her best and is very mature for her age.
Ting Ting chooses her pals wisely and recognizes fake people fast. She is a good listener and stays by her friends' side. Moreover she has a very beautiful voice and cares a lot about her future and career.
Ting Ting is so pretty.
I really want to make out with Ting Ting.
by 20192020 January 4, 2017
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A really horrible indie-pop band. There are two members, a girl and a guy and their music sucks. They sound like they are trying to be edgy, but thier music just ends up sounding like pop music. I really don't get why so many people think they play good music, I 've heard some of their songs and they all sound the same to me. For some reason, this band reminds me of a weaker poppy version of the industrial band, Angelspit.
When I hear any music by the ting tings, I want to shit my pants and rip out my hair.
by You_don't_need_therapy June 13, 2010
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A side piece, often to describe a girl or boy on the side that you have fun with
That girl I was with? She just my ting ting
by ARZon December 2, 2018
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The ability to be fetch. Also to be hip, pretty cool and awesome all in one.
Girl, you are so tinge.
That dress is definitely tinge.
by Kikipuff May 21, 2014
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She’ll get knocked up by her ex, marry you to cover it up, then divorce you for your cousin. She’ll keep the name Ting ting because she believes she’s sweet, innocent, and cute. In all reality, she’s a liar and a closet hoe. She’ll have extravagant taste but drown in debt to keep up with appearances. She’ll have her in laws do her homework because she doesn’t know the content herself. Yet, she’ll claim she’s intelligent and wear only her school gear because she needs that attention to feel validated. There is the long jaw that protrudes, making her a butter face but not to worry, her ex-husband’s insurance will pay to fix it all up so she can better make out with his cousin. She lives with her parents who also parents her kids because she doesn’t know how to do that herself. She’ll tell you you’re wrong when in reality, this is a 15 year old in a mid-30s old body making semi-adult money. So she doesn’t know how to live life until she destroys everyone in her path.
Have you seen Sorina?

Oh you mean, ting ting?
Yea! She was last leaving with her ex’s cousin after the holiday party- to a hotel.
by teaDM December 22, 2021
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