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Super soft and comfortable white briefs commonly worn by boys and men if they love them so much.

If you’re going to high school, don’t wear them and if you do, don’t get caught wearing them. You can and will get more than you bargained for. If you get caught wearing them, the following can happen:
-Wedgies (regular, extremely painful massive, hanging and atomic)
-Being pantsed (sometimes in front of your crush and her friends)
-Having your clothes taken and being forced to run around the school in your tighty whities while everyone records you on their phones so they can put it on their Snapchat story.

So wear boxers while going to high school or wear tighty whities if you’re okay with that the following list^^^
Tighty-whities are very soft and comfortable white briefs I used to enjoy wearing.

I wore tighty whities every day until I was in high school. While changing in gym, the cool boxer wearing guys saw my tighty whities and immediately ran over to me and gave me the worst Wedgie imaginable followed by a swirly.

Later on while going to tell my crush who was out of my league how I feel, the same guys pull down my pants, revealing my tighty whities and she was staring at my tighty whities while I was also having a boner.

After that, my shirt was removed and taken along with my pants and the guys forced me to run around the entire school in my tighty whities while everyone laughed as they watched and filmed me on their phones. I looked on Snapchat later and saw many put it on their story.
by CwissyHolotoe October 30, 2019
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A brief style that usually comes in white but can also have patterns and other colors. This style is often considered with little kids. But that is stupid any body should be allowed to wear what they want. But since they are associated with little kids many young men are punished by those breaky boxer wearers. This will usually result in wegies, swirlies, or being pansted.

Those boxer lovers love to make fun of us who love the feel of these great and supportive underwear. They should be worn by anybody just don't be mean to others for wearing them.
Picture this: you are a 13 in 7th grade getting ready for gym class.

You go into the locker room and take off your pants to put on your gym clothes revealing your tighty Whities. Most people if they see them will make fun of you. I was pansted in class on a day like this scenario. Before this point I was wearing boxers and the I realized how comfortable and supportive tighter underwear can be. I enjoy my tighty whites that's why I put up with being bullied for 3 years.

I heard a lot of people make fun of me for wearing tighty Whities and this normally gets me a hanging wedgie. I was even at school an hour after it closed for the janitor to let me down. If they would break it would have let me make the bus but they don't and I love that. They stay intact almost no matter what you do so they won't RIP while you are wearing them.

I am I. 10th grade no and even though my tighty Whities got me in trouble a lot they were still worth it for the comfort and support they provide me. Just one incident I can't forgive was the girls dragging me into their locker room, they removed my clothes and hung me in a gap between two lockers by my tighty Whities. They left me hanging there while they took pictures of me the janitor let me down after school closed. Over all I think they are worth it they are comfortable no matter what those boxer lovers say.
by WightyerThanTighty February 14, 2019
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These are underwear also known as briefs, usually white and is quite popular style of underwear. Although, when you go into high school it can sometimes be view as uncool but this is a rare event. I went into high school wearing white briefs and didn't get anything embarrassing happen to me. In the rare event you do go to a school where 'tighty whities' aren't approved off you can expect frequent wedgies, some spankings and most of all being pantsed to expose your briefs to the public, usually always happens during gym class/PE.
"Hey look! He is wearing Tighty Whities lets get him!"

"Today in school after gym I was hung by my Tighty Whities on a large hook and given a huge Hanging Wedgie. This was followed by Spanking and a Swirly which didn't feel too good at all."

"I usually wear tighty whities because they are the most comfortable underwear and the girls like them."
by Barlat May 01, 2014
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A synonym for briefs . They are underwear worn for there support purposes, antonym of boxers. The pros of tighty whities are support in gym class and hiding an erection. The disadvantages are that if you are pantsed then your penis will appear smaller, and that they might strangle your penis.

Because of incidents in which prison inmates trousers started to fall down, many teenagers believe baggy pants are cool. Because of that, it became the cool thing to wear boxers instead of old fashioned tighty whities.

Advice if you're going to High School and male. In order to make your life alot easier, wear boxer shorts.
"Nice Tighty Whities, nerd!"

"... Tighty Whities are convenient and supportive"

"So? Boxers are loosy-goosy and cooler!"
by Sheikeh May 15, 2007
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White briefs that are supposedly tighter than other briefs and are mainly for "little kids". Many teenagers these days wear boxers or boxer-briefs instead of briefs (or tighty whities) because they think if they wear tighty whities they will be made fun of since they wore it when they were younger and it is supposedly for little kids. Why it's only for little kids and that every guy can't wear them, I'm not sure. However, they do offer more comfort and can hide something that boys don't usually want seen.
One kid in a class of 15 boys wears tighty whities. He goes to school and is seen wearing these. He is laughed at because many people think it's too babyish.
by Danny McCann June 20, 2007
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What nerds like me wear. boxer-wearers usually bully anyone caught wearing tighty whities a wedgie. They are good for support, and hold in that part of the body, but you are usually picked on for wearing them, i.e. wedgies, swirlies, pantsed, beat up, called names like nerd, loser ect..
Stephen's all smart and wears tighty whities. I'm gonna go give him a wedgie.
by Todd1232 June 24, 2008
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