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A tigan is a romanian word for Gipsy. Most of them are also cocalars (check the definition) and they are low reputation people. They have a brownish complexion and they might not take care of themselves phisicaly. Most of them don't make it trough school, so they may stary robbing banks/people/Items made of Iron and sell the Iron for money.
They talk loudly and dirty.
They listen to manele, make it rain, get huge houses with little spike towers(thin) and annoy people or even embarras them.
Tigan Cocalar

Here are some examples of usage:
Ps. I am romanian so i might not have perfect grammar.

Tiganii sunt nesimtiti.

The tigani are stealing an iron frame!

The tigani ruined romania.
by Donatello lelelele July 19, 2016
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Romanian word for "gipsy". The only correct way of calling a gipsy in Romanian. We never say "rom" or "rrom", because the stupid Westerns confuse Romanians with gippos.

igan" is NOT a derogatory term for "gipsy". We have "cioară" (nigger) for that.
Mircea Lucescu este unul dintre puţinii ţigani pe care îi apreciez.

(Mircea Lucescu is one of the few gipsies I appreciate.)
by B.I-S August 26, 2017
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The most loving, caring, loyal and trustworthy person you'll ever meet. The best friend you could ever have. She can be shy at times but has the most outgoing and crazy personality once she is comfortable with you. She's normally the prettiest one in the group but doesn't let that go to her head. Don't let her looks fool you she doesn't take shit from anybody, she's a beautiful woman with no chill. Everyone pretty much loves her but those who don't are just jealous.
Tigan is the type of woman you marry.

If I have a daughter I'm going to name her Tigan.

Tigan was the sexiest one at the party.
by IamKing27 June 18, 2018
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