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Hillbilly terminoligy for thought
Who would have thunk it?
by Gina Evans February 27, 2004
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bastardization of thought.
Used only by idiots with poor grammar.
Who would have thunk that...
by lexicon June 16, 2003
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To sneak up on someone and bean him with a heavy blow to the back of the head.
"Jim got thunked going home last night. Serves him right for walking in a dark alley with all his paycheck in his pocket.
by skydog70 January 05, 2006
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(verb) Used in fandom when a person (or alien creature) is looking gorgeous resulting in jaw dropping, drooling, falling out of chair, dying, or entering a comatose state.

(noun) The sound of someone dying or passing out as a result of sensory overload due to hotness.
Mg and Tan thunked when they saw a picture of Joe Flanigan's boxers.

Did you see that picture of Daniel Jackson? *thunk*
by Young Armenian Pirate May 15, 2005
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*thunks is the opposite of thanks, instead of being thankful your saying your not. "thunkful".

*a sarcastic thanks
i hold the door open for megan, but before she can pass through, i let go, and it smacks her in the face.
i laugh ridiculously.... bahahaha
megan replies, "thunks for holding the door".
by hartley of the north September 14, 2006
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